San Diego 2018

The Dodgers, the Lakers, and now the Leisure Games, all great things move west! With the demise of the Chicago Games after seven years, the baton has been passed to San Diego and a new generation of leisure competitors. Let's celebrate the end of an era at 1952 Thomas Avenue with a day of beer, beach, and leisure.

Leisure Games West Coast I
Saturday March 24th, 2018
1pm Sharp
1952 Thomas Ave.
San Diego, CA 92109



Get to know the competition before you face it. All facts may or may not be made up.

Dean McArdle

Commissioner. Three-time LGames podium finisher. Bucket hat enthusiast.

Meg Lentz

Banger Co-Host. Thinks lax should be an olympic sport. Golden Birthday Girl!!

Jason Belthoff

Crockpot recipe pioneer. Messes with Texas. Always puts the toilet seat down.

Amanda Farmer

Jean shorts collector. Has never actually earned a living through farming.

Brett Lacey

Libation Procurement Director. Immune to Japanese Encephalitis.

Maya Wilcher

Banger Co-Host. Immigrated to Earth is 2010. Thought Shape of Water was just OK.

Michelle Adams

Jay Wright's personal stylist. Puts both the spike in Spike Ball and spiked drinks.

Bret Bassi

OG Leisure Games competitor. Purveyor of weird music.

Madalyn Starkey

Executive Producer. Can spell Pennsylvania backwards. Likes cheeses.

Jack Duane

May or may not live in San Diego. Above average tailgate organizer. Scorpio.

Nick Davidson

Has a 2015 NIT Championship ring. Likes long hikes in the rain.

Abby Fanlo

Current PHD student, studying bocci ball flight dynamics. Prefers Cool Ranch Doritos.

Nathan McArdle

Founder. Crispy noodle aficionado. Once dunked a softball in high school.

Eddie Madonna

The booty that Booty Basement was named after. Not a doctor.

Rana Verhoog

Can count to 10 in six languages. Is a real live San Diego native. Doesn't surf.

Josh Garcia

Sews his own clothes using thread he spun himself. Has a deathly fear of radishes.


After a tremendous day of competition, a select few separated themselves from the pack.


Gold - Josh Garcia | Silver - Dean McArdle | Bronze - Jason Belthoff