How to Play Flip Cup

1. Assemble two teams, the more the merrier.

2. Give each player a plastic cup.

3. Have each team face each other on opposite sides of the table.

4. To ensure the teams are even, have each player “Cheers Your Partner”. If there turns out to be a player without a partner then find that person a partner or designate someone on the other team to go twice in a row.

The game is now ready to begin!

5. Fill each players cup with about a quarter cup of beer.

6. The first two players should cheers their partner, touch the cup to the table, cheers again, touch the table again, then drink (“Down, Up, Down, Drink!”).

7. Once they finish their drink they place the cup on the edge of the table and try to flip the cup over.

8. Since this is a relay race, the next person in line cannot go until the person prior to them has flipped their cup. Once the person prior to them flips their cup, the next person in line can pick their cup up, drink it, and flip it.

9. Continue on down the line.

10. The team to finish first is the winner.