Beer Pong is a simple game that is perfect for any party. There are several versions of this drinking game. This How to article will cover the “tossing” method of playing the game, which does not include paddles. You may play Beer Pong with 2 or 4 people. For 1 on 1 games 6 cups are often used instead of 10.

Setup 10, or 6, of the Solo Cups in a triangle shape at the end of each side of the table.


  • Fill each Beer Pong cup with a predetermined amount of beer. The first line on the Solo cup is a good standard.
  • Your object is to stand at one end of the Beer Pong table and toss the Ping Pong ball into a cup on the opposite side of the table. This can be done in 2 ways. Tossing the Pong ball directly into the cup on a fly or bouncing the ball into the cup.
  • If the Pong ball goes into a cup on a fly the opposing team must drink the beer in that cup. If the ball goes into the cup on a bounce the opposing team must drink that cup plus another cup, 2 total. Opposing players may block your bounce shot once it has hit the table. Opposing plays can also touch the ball once it has made contact with a cup in a effort to knock the ball away from the cups.
  • The game is completed when 1 team or player has successfully made the opposing team drink the beer in each of their cups.
  • There are many more advanced rules to Beer Pong. Here is a list of some of those rules, you may or may not use them depending on your taste. These are considered Beer Pong house rules.
  • On the last cup the opposing team has a chance to “answer” by making a shot of their own if their final cup has been scored on. If they are successful in the answer attempt the game goes on.
  • Female players are allowed to blow into a cup once the ball has touched the cup. Often the ball will spin inside the cup before it touches the beer inside it allowing the ball to be blown out of the cup.
  • Bounce back rules can be used; allowing a team to shot again if the ball bounces back to them.
  • If an opposing team member touches a ball after it initially hits a cup and then the ball continues on into another cup that will count as 2 cups.