• Place two steel stakes into ground 40 feet apart.
  • Insert plastic pipe (with two open ends) onto stake.
  • Insert second plastic pipe, (with grip top) into first pipe.
  • Place bottle on top of pole. (Strongly recommend plastic bottles for safety)
  • Games are played with two teams of two. Each team chooses one of the poles to stand behind

Game Play

  • Teams take turns throwing the Frisbee to knock the bottle off the opponent’s pole.
  • Players must stay behind their pole (which creates an invisible “goaltending” and “fault” line) during defense and offense.
  • Players must wait for frisbee to pass the fault line before catching (no goaltending).
  • The receiving team must catch the frisbee each time to avoid awarding the throwing team one point. Either team member may catch the frisbee, but only one hand may be used to do so.
  • The throwing team must throw the frisbee so it is “catchable”. Meaning above the half-way point of the pole (marked by the yellow cupling) when it crosses the fault line – not too high so that a jump is needed – And too far to either side where more than one step is required to catch it.
  • Throws that are outside the “catchable zone” are considered a “scratch”. No points are awarded and the next player throws.
  • Before it hits the ground, the receiving team must catch the bottle if it is knocked off by the throwing team to avoid awarding the throwing team 3 points
  • Most possible points per throw is 4 if bottle and frisbee hit the ground with in the catchable area. 0 points if bottle is knocked off, but frisbee and bottle are caught before they hit the ground.
  • At all times a drink must be in one of your hands.


  • Games are played to 21. Win by 2. No cap.
  • Un-catchable throw = 0 pts
  • Frisbee caught = 0 pts
  • Bottle and frisbee caught = 0 pts
  • Frisbee dropped = 1 pt
  • Bottle hit ground = 3 pts
  • Bottle and frisbee hit ground = 4 pts
  • Goaltending – 1 Pt and a Re-throw