Alex Crisafulli


Place of Birth: Springfield, IL

School(s): Hanover College, University of Dayton

Current Residence: Washington, D.C.

Years of Competition: 2009, 2011

Past Placings: T-3rd/T-12th

Best Finish: Tied for 3rd in 2009

Notes: Although Alex moved to Washington D.C. after LGI, he has remained a regular, only missing one year. In 2012 Alex brings a renewed focus to the Games. His training began early and has evolved into a self-proclaimed “Summer of Alex” that has him running 10Ks at a 7:20 pace with a chap named Henry Wigglesworth, regularly biking to work, and finding his way back to the tennis court. Look for Alex as a dark horse in LGIV.

PAST NOTES: (Although hampered by a dreadful power backhand in ping-pong that rarely found the table, Alex finished as one of the top overall performers in 2009 after strong showings in beersbee and frisbee golf. He also has the distinction of being the Leisure Games first puker! Alex took a year off to undergo intense training in San Diego and has high hopes for a triumphant return.)

David Lawson

Place of Birth: Bloomington, IN

School(s): College of William and Mary

Current Residence: Chicago, IL

Years of Competition: 2009, 2010, 2011

Past Placings: T-9th/2nd/T-7th

Best Finish: Runnerup in 2010

Notes: One of the most consistent of the competitors, Dave has yet to finish outside the top 10. In 2012, Dave will no doubt rule the horseshoe pits as usual. However, the rest of his game might suffer as Dave has put off all training in favor of campaigning for Obama. Keep an eye out because, while he may not take your points, he will likely win your vote.

PAST NOTES: (After a middle-of-the-pack finish in 2009, Dave broke through in 2010 taking silver. The effort was highlighted by stellar horseshoe play which some are attributing to his upbringing in the hills of Virginia.)



Michael Lemke

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, CA

School(s): Northern Michigan University

Current Residence: Skokie, IL

Years of Competition: 2009, 2010, 2011

Past Placings: T-9th/T-last/T-12th

Best Finish: Tied for 9th in 2009

Notes: Part of the fabric of the Leisure Games, Mike is one of the real characters that brings this event to life. His contributions include bongo play, flag bearing, media, and website creation. Mike took a new job this year and has been spending serious hours at the office. Consequently, his training has been minimal. Nevertheless, expect Mike to bring a positive attitude and his signature barefoot style to LGIV.

PAST NOTES: (Bringing a unique blend of energy, daring, and martial arts to the Games, Lemke is a perennial crowd favorite, albeit a barefooted one. Lemke has vowed to improve on his low finish from 2010, though most of his efforts thus far seem to be focusing around finishing the keg rather than honing his leisure skills.)


Adam Smith

Place of Birth: Zionsville, IN

School(s): Hanover College

Current Residence: Valparaiso, IN

Years of Competition: 2009, 2010, 2011

Best Finish: Tied for 7th 2009

Notes: Smithers has recently acquired a ping pong table for his garage and a large yard for bean bag toss. Unfortunately, he only has a hipster and his two dogs for opponents. Look for Smithers’ dominance on the dart board to continue, but mediocrity in the other games to leave him in the middle standings once again for LGIV.

PAST NOTES: (Smithers hiked mountains and ice climbed in preparation for the 2010 Games. Look for positive results. He appears to have a bit of a side rivalry with DMcArdle that could produce some fireworks.)



Khary Gibbs

Place of Birth: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

School(s): York University, Syracuse University

Current Residence: Chicago, IL

Years of Competition: 2009, 2010, 2011

Past Placings: 1st/T-14th/?

Best Finish: Champion in 2009

Notes: After taking Gold in LGI, Khary has struggled with his promotion to the A flight. Never lacking in effort and intensity, Khary has taken a new training approach in 2012-one shrouded in secrecy. Rumours suggest it involves 5:30 am workouts at Billy Caldwell with the Korean Senior Women’s Group. Perhaps they will infuse in Khary the skills necessary for a return to glory.

PAST NOTES: (The defending champ has displayed his trophy proudly and prominently for the past year. While he hopes to put in another strong performance, his recent putting woes suggest the touch might have gone.)



Bret Bassi

Place of Birth: Spring Valley, IL

School(s): Milliken University, UofI at Springfield

Current Residence: Chicago, IL

Years of Competition: 2009, 2010

Past Placings: T-9th/T-14th/T-21st

Best Finish: Tied for 9th in 2009

Notes: Bret comes into LGIV with his mind set firmly on hardware, vowing to “win this one for Steve.” The problem is that distractions abound to which Bret is highly susceptible, especially at the beach. Nevertheless, Bret has been training hard in his boxing classes and is in top form. If he is able to remain focused, look for Bret in the top 10, and, if nothing else, to look cool while doing it.

PAST NOTES: (Bassi has put in some serious off-season training with hard biking, boxing classes, weight lifting, and intense 2s sand volleyball. His performance at the 4th of July combine was uplifting until he ran into the buzzsaw that was NMcArdle.




Dean McArdle

Place of Birth: Owensboro, KY

School(s): Stanford University

Current Residence: Palo Alto, CA

Years of Competition: 2009, 2010, 2011

Best Finish: 3rd place in 2010. Won ping-pong playoff for 3rd.

Notes: After missing LG IV for less than justified reasons, the youngest McArdle returns for LG V with renewed vigor and determination. The DMcArdle v. Smithers rivalry continues to grow over the years, despite the fact that only one of them (DM) has ever taken home hardware.

PAST NOTES: (Disappointed with his 2009 performance, DMcardle has vocally professed his dedication to improvement. Dean delivered on that promise with a 2010 performance in which he ended in a 4-way tie for most wins. The ping-pong playoffs went poorly for DM, but he managed to defeat Bart Brown in the 3rd place match for bronze.)




Nathan McArdle

Place of Birth: St. Louis, MO

School(s): Hanover College, Marquette University

Current Residence: Chicago, IL

Years of Competition: 2009, 2010, 2011

Best Finish: Tied for 3rd in 2009 – won ping-pong tie breaker to take home the hardware

Notes: Never one to pass up an opportunity to perfect his measured bag stance, NMcArdle’s leisure skills seem to desert him in clutch moments of the Games as he has not placed since their inception in 2009. One might attribute his lack of presence on the podium to a deliberate tamping down of his skills in order to give his guests a fighting chance for the hardware, or one may assume that the complicated partnering algorithm is taking up so much brain space as to inhibit his concentration. We may never know. With all McArdle siblings to be taking part in LGIV, look to NMcArdle to take a back seat in the heated rivalry.

PAST NOTES: (Although coming off left knee surgery in January and still battling patellar tendonitis, Nmcardle has already put in dominating 2010 performances over 4th of July weekend in washers, bags, and croquet. Analysts have him listed as an early favorite.)


John Green

Current Residence: Chicago, IL

Years of Competition: 2009, 2010, 2011

Best Finish: Tied for 14th in 2009








David Green

Place of Birth: Chicago, IL

School(s): Brown University

Current Residence: Chicago, IL

Years of Competition: 2009, 2010, 2011

Best Finish: Tied for 9th in 2009

Notes:DGreen shocked the field in 2009 with his dominating ring toss showing. Add to the solid foundation a strengthened mental game from a recent switch to a new sport psychologist and DGreen could be a 2010 front runner.








David Bingham

Place of Birth: Franklin, IN

School(s): Purdue University

Current Residence: Chicago, IL

Years of Competition: 2009, 2010, 2011

Best Finish: 18th in 2009

Notes: David is coming off a  long stint on the DL from a heart valve replacement in March. He will still be unable to participate in horseshoes and bocce ball. Nevertheless, David has not lost a step on the croquet court and hopes to turn in his best LG performance yet. We are all eager to hear that distinguishing laugh when David finally earns a spot on the podium.

PAST NOTES: (After a quality effort with the bocce balls in 2009, Bingham appeared to have spent the rest of the day too close to the wine bottle. He has dedicated the off-season to training on the badminton and croquet pitches. Expect improvement in 2010.)



Willis Mo

Place of Birth: Shataukok, Hong Kong

School(s): Moraine Valley CC, UIC

Current Residence: Chicago, IL

Years of Competition: 2009, 2010, 2011

Past Placings: T-3rd/T-last/T-12th

Best Finish: 4th in 2009. (tied for 3rd most victories but lost in playoffs)

Notes: A perennial crowd pleaser, Willis hopes to continue the momentum from his utter domination last year on the ladder toss court. However, early reports suggest his preparation for LGIV has been mostly focused on the evening events. As in years past, Willis has scheduled a haircut for 9 am the day of the games so don’t be alarmed if he comes out of the gates slowly.

PAST NOTES: (Hiding a competitive streak behind a low key demeanor, Willis has just returned from a month in Hong Kong. While he claims it was for work, sources suggest he was really undergoing intense workouts under the tutelage of Chinese master.)


Mike Anderson

Current Residence: Chicago, IL

Years of Competition: 2009, 2010, 2011

Best Finish: Silver medalist in 2009






Brandon Brooks

Place of Birth:  Athens, OH

School(s): Cedarville University, Ohio University, Michigan State University

Current Residence: East Lansing Michigan

Years of Competition: 2011, 2012

Past Placings: 1st

Best Finish: Champion in 2011


Jenny McArdle

Place of Birth: Owensboro, KY

School(s): Coe College, Ohio University

Current Residence: East Lansing, MI

Years of Competition: 2011, 2012

Past Placings: T-3rd

Best Finish: Tied for 3rd in 2011


Brett Lacey

Place of Birth: Sioux City, IA

School(s): University of Iowa

Current Residence: Iowa City, IA.

Years of Competition: 2010

Past Placings: T-14th

Best Finish: Tied for 14th in 2010


Craig Tommey 

Place of Birth: ???

School(s): ?????

Current Residence: ?????

Years of Competition: 2010, 2011

Past Placings: T-4th

Best Finish: Tied for 4th in 2010 & 2011


Bart Brown

Ben Lawrence

Chris Ory

Colin Bright

Dave Crane

Justin Owens

Mark Sutton

Mike Roth

Peter Scott

Ryan Bixler

Will Joaquin

James Patterson